My Published Articles

A Baker’s Passion”- speech at the ASB 79th Annual Conference, March 9-12, 2003

Pictures from Skills USA/VICA April 11, 2003 in Springfiled, IL.

"Dough and bread conditioners" - culinary connection written for "Food Product"

"Profile" by "Bakery-Net"

"Braised Pineapple With Vanilla Beans" exclusively for "Vanilla Vine"

"Braised Pineapple Infused with Vanilla Beans" - "Vanilla recipes"

"Food Product Design" - Food Design

"Culinology" - Fresno State News

Useful Links

CAFE - Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education

On Baking - Professional Baking Text/Reference from C.H.I.P.S.

On Baking - Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals

Bread History

Artisan - Breadmaker's site , with lots of interesting history

Bread History - includes an interesting segment on bread and law


Bread Art

Bread Art (from Germany) Decorated Bread
German Bread Museum Bread Clay
Jonh Fischer's Bread sculptures


Bread Science

Chemical leavening agents Yeast breads
The science of yeast

Flour and Dough

Batters and dough Flours
Flour ( and Baking )

Health and Nutrition

Celiac Disease (gluten allergy) Bread Nutrition and Health


Cyber Toaster Museum

Types of Bread

Brioche Ethiopian injera
Indian Mexican
Sourdough How Sourdough Bread works
Variety of Breads